Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What app embed blocks are in your app, and their purpose.

So the app can track sales across your site the app is applied across your entire store. Not just one one page or Shopify block. 

Q : How to configure functional settings for app embed?

Configuration of the app is automatic as soon as you install the app. No need to install a tracking pixel or any other tracking script on your site..

Q : What templates app embed blocks can be added to?

The app script is applied to the entire store & not per block, page or template. This is so you can use any link to your store.

Q : How do I activate and deactivate the app?

You can deactivate our tracking by removing the ClarityLinks app for your store. All data will be lost if you remove the app.

Q : How long does the tracking window last?

You can set the tracking window up to 30 days. It is automatically be set to 7 days. 

Q : Does the app track views and clicks? Like Facebook ads?

Due to the nature of the app it only tracks clicks. We believe that a view through sale is not a real sale driven by your ads. 

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