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The Answers You Need

Yes! You can track any link anywhere you want to use them, including your email links. Simply by creating a Claritylink for each link you want to track. When a customer clicks on your link, the tracking will populate in their browser's address bar, allowing you to track their activity on your website.

Can I Track My Email Marketing?

Cookies and fingerprinting work together to track users' web activity. The cookies are placed on a user's computer when they visit a website. These cookies contain a unique identifier that allows the website to track the user's activity on the site.


Fingerprinting is the process of identifying users by their unique browser configuration. When a user visits a website, the site sends information about the user's browser configuration to ClarityLinks. We then compare this info touch points to the database of fingerprints, and we can identify the user's browser configuration with a higher degree of accuracy.

How does it track sales? 

ClarityLinks will not work on other platforms because we require the Shopify platform to function. The main reason we're Shopify exclusively is due to tracking pixels and codes that people would need to apply themselves. Due to ClarityLinks being a Shopify only app it simplifies that custom tracking pixel coding issue. We may move onto other platforms soon.

Can I use ClarityLinks without Shopify?

Let’s talk about numbers:


Value saved on your ads without a drop in sales.


Claritylinks allows you to scale your business 30% further. 


Clarity. Easy to use and understand. 

A small edge over your competition can easily compound over time. Having more effective tracking allows you to scale your business faster and further than your competitors.